Design your restaurant's menus, manage your reservations and increase your online presence

We help your restaurant:

    • design menus with allergens and translate them automatically to any language
    • manage your reservations and allow automatic online booking
    • increase your presence and visibility on the web
    • print your menus in PDF and show digitally with a QR code

Customers search the web for restaurants and menus before deciding where to book. Create your menus and menus with MenuMaker, print them in PDF, publish them on Google Maps and your Google profile, on Facebook and on your website.

Improve your SEO and visibility on the internet.

Create, update and print your menus while giving online visibility to your restaurant

With MenuMaker you can publish your menu online so that customers can access it from their own mobile phone (with allergens and multi-language). There are 3 ways to do it:

1. Publish your menus and menus on (option available with the free version). Go to Wannamenu

2. Publish your menus and menus on your own website.

3. The menus of your restaurant, online and in pdf, with the same format. Download the QR code of your menu by pressing a single button.

Customers are accustomed to the paper format. With this option, customers will see the same menu they are used to, but from their mobile device.

PDF version

Online menu - QR

Online menu version

Online version of the menu - QR
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An all-in-one solution for your restaurant menus

According to an OpenTable study, 93% of consumers look up restaurant menus before deciding where to go. Adding your menu online can be a deciding factor in attracting new customers.

Create your menus once with MenuMaker and print them in PDF, publish them on your social media, on Google, and on your website. Increase your web presence and improve your positioning and visibility.

Menu templates

Menu templates

Create, edit, and print your menus in one or several languages with our menu templates

Menu templates

Restaurant menu templates

Choose one of our restaurant menu templates and add your dishes in one or several languages. Your menu ready in just a few minutes

Menu with allergens

Menu with allergens

Create your menu with allergens, choose from several allergen designs, print it in PDF, and publish it


Contact us at [email protected] or through the chat if you want us to design your first menu.

Don't miss the opportunity to have a personalized and attractive menu for your business. We are here to assist you!

Manage your bookings and allow your customers to book online

More and more customers are booking through the web. With MenuMaker, you can allow your customers to book through your website, Google or Wannamenu, and manage all your bookings from one place. In addition, they will be able to see your updated menu at all times with designs that match the image of your restaurant.

Google logo

Publish your restaurant and menus on Google

More than 63% of consumers visit the Google My Business or Google Maps page before choosing a restaurant, making it an excellent location to upload your menus.

With MenuMaker you can publish directly on your Google My Business and Google Maps pages:

> Your restaurant's menus.

> Special offers.

> Photos.

> Your restaurant's information.

Widget to publish the menu with allergens on your website

Publish your menus on your website

It is essential to include your menus on your website properly to attract customers and improve your search engine ranking.

By pasting a simple code on your website, you can display the menus you create in MenuMaker without having to enter them manually every day.

Search engines reward the publication of relevant content. Search engines cannot index images or PDF files. Therefore, using photos of your menu has a very limited impact.

By introducing the MenuMaker Widget on your website, we make it possible for search engines to index the information from your menus properly and thus efficiently improve your positioning and relevance.

> Use case: Ribera Restaurant

Ribera Restaurant is located on the beach in Sitges and attracts customers who speak multiple languages, primarily English and French, but also many Chinese, Japanese, and Russian customers. In addition to creating the menu and menus to print in PDF format, they publish them on their own website with the click of a button, as well as publishing them on Google and wannamenu.

Now not only can customers view the menu and menus in several languages, but they have also significantly improved their website's search engine ranking thanks to the structured content provided by the widget.

Publish your allergen card on Wannamenu

Create a page for your restaurant and publish your menus on Wannamenu

On Wannamenu, you can create a page for your restaurant for free and publish your restaurant details and menus with just one click.

Improve your visibility and positioning by creating a page in just a few minutes.

Publish your menus on Facebook

Share your daily menu and your restaurant's card with your followers with just one click.

Restaurant card templates and menu templates

Print your menus in PDF format. Choose one of our restaurant card templates or menu templates, edit them, add images, change the background, font type, or text colors, and print them in PDF format in just a few minutes.

Menu templates

Create your restaurant's daily menu. Choose the template, print it in one or several languages, include allergens for each dish, and edit the design to your liking.

Restaurant card templates

Create your restaurant's cards. Choose the template and edit it to your liking. Include allergens for each dish, print it in one or several languages, in A3, A4 or A5 format.

Card with allergens and multiple languages

Easily manage your restaurant's menus with MenuMaker. Translate your dishes into up to 11 languages. You can print your cards in one or several languages.

Restaurant card with multiple prices

Sometimes it's necessary to include more than one price for your dishes or drinks. To create wine lists, tapas, pizzas, etc. With MenuMaker you can easily create multi-price cards, choosing a template or designing it yourself!

Save Time and Money

MenuMaker is a program for creating restaurant menus, printing them in PDF, and sharing them online. We want to make your life easier. That's why we've included fabulous options at your fingertips with just one click.

Automatic Translation

Automatic translation with just one click.


Adapt to the new regulations by including allergens in your menus and restaurant menus.


Choose your favorite design from our menu templates and restaurant menu templates.


Your menus and restaurant menus in multiple languages, fast, simple, and painless.

Print to PDF

Print to PDF with just one click.

Share on Social Media

Share your menus and restaurant menus on Facebook.

Manage Multiple Restaurants

Do you have more than one restaurant? With MenuMaker, you can import and share dishes and restaurant menus among your restaurants.


Print your menus and restaurant menus with a QR code. This will redirect you to a page with your menu translated into the languages of your choice.

Customize Designs

Include your logo, images, and backgrounds. Change the font type, color, and size,... and much more!

Do you want to give your restaurant a boost but prefer us to manage it?

Ask us for more information at [email protected] and we'll send you an email with our plans.

MenuMaker: Your Solution for Creating Online Restaurant Menus

Creating a Restaurant Menu is Easy with MenuMaker

restaurant menu maker

MenuMaker is an innovative and user-friendly online menu maker, designed for restaurateurs looking to create attractive and professional restaurant menus. It is one of the most popular restaurant menu maker apps on the market, offering free menu templates that allow users to easily and quickly design and customize their own restaurant menu.

Your Online Restaurant Menu

With MenuMaker, you can create your own menus for your restaurant online without needing advanced graphic design skills. This menu maker online platform provides a variety of templates and tools that make the process of creating a restaurant menu easier, allowing you to focus on presenting your dishes and your brand identity.

MenuMaker is Your Program for Making Restaurant Menus

online menu maker

MenuMaker's restaurant menu maker program is designed to offer flexibility and total control over the final design, with an emphasis on allergenic menu templates. Additionally, the online menu service allows you to update and modify your menu at any time, which is ideal for adapting to seasonal changes or dish rotation.

Finally, with the ease of creating an online menu, MenuMaker becomes a comprehensive solution for restaurants wanting to enhance their digital presence and offer their customers an interactive experience when checking the menu from any device, thus contributing to a better gastronomic experience and quality service.